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Every trader should know when to trade. A person is not physically able to constantly sit at a monitor or with a phone in his hands and monitor the situation in the market to make money on this. At a minimum, you can install a trading robot, as a maximum – to track the effectiveness of the market time and follow your strategy. Although even if you want to install a sales advisor, you need to set it up in the right way, which is impossible if you are tired of constant control over currency pairs.

A trader is an ordinary person, and he must rest, see a family, spend the money he earns, after all. The Forex market has long worked out hours of effective trade and time of “empty traffic”. If you listen to the world practice, you can well zarababyvat, and at the same time live a full life.

Best days of the week to trade

Time of active trade

Of course, high activity on forex is observed at the moments of the intersection of trading sessions – this morning from 3:00 to 4:00, when London and Tokyo are working, and also from 8:00 am to noon, when New York and London cross. In these moments, the market is the most liquid, which gives rise to good proposals for currency. Also, a larger number of banks participate in the work, which ensures fast processing of orders and withdrawal of funds.

Also, traders need to react to world news, which lead to volatility. This is a good time to earn.

As practice shows, European sessions are the most downloaded, but there are also certain days of the week, when mass activity takes place in all markets.

High activity currency market shows in the middle of the week – Tuesday-Wednesday. On Friday, mainly before noon EST, the market is also active, then the largest number of transactions for the whole week. Further, until the close at 5:00 pm, the number of traders decreases. Yes, on Friday the market works half a day, and gradually turns into a weekend mode, when the activity is not very high.

The worst times for trading

A good trader can earn when the market goes up, and when – down. But it is very difficult to earn when the market is flat. Also there are days of the week when you can not even try – you will not make good money. Below we give examples of low-liquid days of the week:

  • Sunday – everyone wants to enjoy rest on the weekend!
  • Friday, evening – everyone is preparing for the weekend, liquidity is going down.
  • Holidays, events of national scale, concerts, football matches, etc. – everyone is busy celebrating.

Listening to these tips, you can optimally distribute your personal time without losing money.

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Get a set of free training materials
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