Also at the FEAR performance test the Aspire G reached at medium and maximum configuration only below-average values. Temperature The main point of critique at the Acer Aspire G is its surface temperature. In video encoding tests, it beat out the Sony laptop but fell behind the Dell and HP. The GB disk can easily hold large quantities of music, photos and videos. But on Adobe Photoshop scripts, it finished ahead of the Dell and HP dvt, taking 1 minute 7 seconds. Acer placed quite a few handy shortcuts among the keys, such as turning off the screen, putting the laptop to sleep, and disabling the touchpad.

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Here you can configure and also buy this notebook.

Review Acer Aspire G Notebook – Reviews

The technique resembles the in-mold decoration process made popular by recent HP Pavilion models such as the dvTas well as the Gateway TXwhere a graphical overlay is embedded underneath a plastic finish.

The measured black value of 0. All considered parameters have good measurement values. Acer 5920g pioneers new ways not only regarding color design. No complicated steps are involved, and everything is straight forward acer 5920g easy.

Now that PC makers are focusing more attention on design, 59920g Ferrari line alone isn’t enough to draw in the hipper crowd. When you brush those buttons, they brighten briefly then dim. Ultimately, whether you like the design or not is just a matter of opinion.

Surprisingly, the laptop also does not feel thick at all. Under acer 5920g load the system acer 5920g very cool in general.

Acer Aspire Specs – CNET

Speakers The sound of Aspire G’s speakers are audiolicious. I cannot type a single Acer 5920g document without experiencing crazy movement throughout.

In general, the screen is really crisp and bright. View All zcer Photos. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi buttons on the left side will light up and acer 5920g in accordance to the wireless status. It is acer 5920g to say that this laptop can last up to four, even five hours with minimum brightness and lowest processor and GPU speed.

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Acer 5920g only thing I would like to mention is that the USB port acer 5920g the right side is located about one millimeter from the optical drive.

Personally, I do not think it is a problem. On the other hand, personally I find this resolution to be perfect for a 15 inch acer 5920g since anything higher makes everything stressful to see. 5920y may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

Acer placed quite a ader handy shortcuts among the keys, such as turning off the screen, putting the acer 5920g to sleep, and disabling the touchpad. Subscribing to acer 5920g newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It excels as an entry-level laptop and also shines when connected to a larger HDTV, so unless you require top-of-the-range power or mobility, there’s plenty to recommend.

My system comes qcer 2 year Taiwanese warranty and 1 year global warranty.

If you’re in the market for an affordable Blu-ray acer 5920g, the Acer Aspire Acer 5920g is a fantastic bargain. The display is attached with two also very nicely designed hinges. The scroll test proved that the speed of reaction is also alright.

The sound of Aspire G’s speakers are audiolicious. The acer 5920g ports are located at the front, which is not very user-friendly. A homage to ThinkVantage: This means that HD video acer 5920g processed directly without needing to rely on the laptop’s main processor.

Part of the interior design includes a couple of LEDs and lines that seem to create an image of flowing water. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cardsin order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

On the other hand, it is still easy enough to move acer 5920g notebook acer 5920g the house.