The bottom 8 dip switches add the modifier keys to the key code. It is, essentially, a USB keyboard with only one key. Foot Key Manual Features: Aaron Wolf Music teacher, scholar http: You can also specify keystrokes in addition to the mouse button, but only the mouse-click seems to happen. After the completion of set up, the switch can be used on the following operating systems: HTML codes are not allowed anywhere on this page otherwise you will see an error.

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It’s complex, and I have no idea how to make usb footswitch fs1 p do something like turn pages in a PDF for reading music. I’d hoped that was possible…. But fz1 little doodad can do considerably more than just add a little mystification to people’s lives.

FS1-P USB Foot Pedal

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They helpfully closed usb footswitch fs1 p store. You only need to depress the pedal about two-thirds of the way or about one centimetre of movement of the back of the pedal pp trigger it, but there’s no “click” whatsoever when you do.

I really love the foot-switch. But, at least, now we know. This is my hamburger pedal.

Cheap USB foot pedal WORKS! (SOLVED) – LinuxMusicians

Thank you very much for your help! Even the triple-pedal version is cheap. The top 8 dip switches define the key code to be sent.

Version 5 looks much nicerand even lets you put spaces in strings. Submit a Review There are currently no questions uwb this product. I am happy to say that, unlike many spring-loaded mechanisms, this pedal usb footswitch fs1 p dismantles itself vigorously and usb footswitch fs1 p small but essential pieces of itself into another dimension, nor requires five hands and a 10,newton spring compressor to foostwitch it.

Guaranteed to work with the 3 pedal. You can use it by hands or feet for efficiency.

USB Footswitch software not working (SOLVED) – DealExtreme Forum

If you see postings that contain foul language or that are intended to harass other people, please contact us immediately. When fotoswitch start that installer, it makes you even more confident by saying “This will install FootSwitch V6. Postings containing any usernames with obscene words, derogatory or racist remarks will be removed immediately.

Then you can plug usb footswitch fs1 p into whatever you like.

Thanks for your support. Description The USB foot switch can be usb footswitch fs1 p to control your computer by foot. Including dust, by the way. Postings of this kind will be removed immediately, and a violation will be issued to the person responsible for the posting several violations will result in blocking of your access to the forum.

I might get that now. Because I would like to set different keys for different games Every time I load the profile before open the game Just like my Logitech G keyboard usb footswitch fs1 p Naga mouse, it can save many key-setting profiles for different applications, it loads automatically. And then, for me on Windows 7 x64, the V6.

PCsensor FS1_P USB foot switch

You could probably graft autofire on via AutoHotkeythough. Repetitive Stress Injury Related.

Once usb footswitch fs1 p using the included software on a Windows machine, the programming will be remembered and this device can be used with essentially any other computer, including a Mac. In a certain sense Nonetheless, thanks! Oh, and apparently version 3.

For this price, it’s hard not to recommend this gizmo even if you’re not totally sure you need it.