January 22 You can even decide what DBMS to connect to after the program is compiled. January 23 WebLogic jDriver for Oracle provides a way to set the codeset from within your Java code. For example, to use the cp codeset, create a Properties object and set the weblogic. The Batch update feature is available in the Statement interface and requires the use of SQL statements that return an update count and do not return a result set.

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For XA connections, there is a heavier tradeoff. Create a character output stream to which you write your CLOB characters. In the third step, you identify the driver with its URL, which is colon-delimited. You may clear a batch of statements that was created using addBatch method with the clearBatch weblogic jdbc oci.

Here are a few checkpoints: When set to the boolean true, this property sets up the Connection to use mixed case in calls to DatabaseMetaData weblogic jdbc oci. When you start weblogic jdbc oci you will see that ConnectionPool is setup. WebLogic jDriver for Oracle reliably converts the values in a column to the Java type requested when a WebLogic jDriver for Oracle application asks for a value from such a column.

How To Configure JDBC OCI In Weblogic?

For details, see your JDK documentation:. Thanx in advance TechTarget provides technology professionals with the weblogic jdbc oci they need to perform their jobs – from developing strategy, to making cost-effective purchase decisions and managing their organizations technology projects – weblogic jdbc oci its network of technology-specific websites, events and online magazines.

Writing binary data to a BLOB. I am glad it solved your problem.

Ensuring high level of performance with WebLogic JDBC

This ResultSet can then weblogci used weblogic jdbc oci shown above. Connection Pool oraclePool does not exist. It is not working still. If you are converting codesets, you should pass the following property to the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle with the Driver. Since the JDBC 2. I know I have seen this error message but it has been months ago and I just can’t remember what exactly it was. This is my best guess. Can’t find dependent libraries at weblogic.

Originally posted by parthasarathy weblogic jdbc oci The weblogic jdbc oci makes several statement cache statistics available to allow you to size the cache to service all your statements, but if memory becomes a huge issue, it may be better to set the cache size to zero.

January 21 This section contains information on using these data types. The property is weblogic. Appreciate your quick response. Set this property by passing it to the Connection object as a property. Making a real DBMS connection is expensive and slow, so you should use our datasources to retain and re-use weblogic jdbc oci. Depending on which version of the Oracle Server and client you are using you wsblogic need weblogic jdbc oci set one of the following properties by passing them to the Connection object when ici establish your connection the DBMS in your Java client code.

January 23 You may also use the driver name weblogic. With WebLogic jDriver for Oracle, this is a three-step process:. In weblogic jdbc oci Java code, you’ll construct CallableStatements with the stored procedures and register the output parameter as data type java. There are some variations in the implementation of DatabaseMetaData methods that are weblogic jdbc oci to Jfbc and are detailed here:.

As a general rule, the String catalog argument is ignored in all DatabaseMetaData methods.