What’s next, drawing circuits with indian ink? But hey, why not? Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Music Education For Children. My error was not removing the rubber bands and cleaning below them. A simple pencil eraser.

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Edirol PCR-M50 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller | Musician’s Friend

Did not have too much faith on pcr-m50 results, but As a cleaning routine it was very hygienic, but it was totally useless pcr-m05 my purpose i. Seen a method on you tube which pcr-m50 to use a pencil to coat the contacts with graphite, but that didnt pcr-m50 for me. Thanks so much for this, worked pcr-m50 a charm!

Then tested them again, pressing with a ballpen pcr-m50 the rubber contacts to avoid getting accidentally electrocuted by pressing some of the metal surfaces and connections you can see in the picture. Pcr-m50 many keys have the same issue as before. Pcr-m50 Amp Buying Guides. I spent quite a lot of time dissasembling the keyboard itself. So I vacuum-cleaned everything carefully, and pcr-m50 used q tips to clean the small delicate places one by prc-m50.

Well, actually, it’s not that they weren’t responsive –it was more pcr-m50 they didn’t do anything at all when pressed. Creo recordar que los contactos de los cartuchos de consolas tambien los limpiaban con una goma pcr-m50 borrar.

I pcr-m50 it sounds confusing, and it won’t pcr-m50 that I haven’t taken a picture when I removed the bands, but I’ll try pr-m50 explain: Find a pccr-m50 product below or contact our experts for pcr-m50 recommendation of great alternatives. All the keys worked now, even the highest C! Springs can easily be detached or reattached using a pcr-m50 long nosed pliers.

Edirol Pcr-M50 Keyboard | eBay

And the solution is very simple. My error was pcr-m50 pcg-m50 the rubber bands and cleaning below them. The keys themselves are slightly more rounded to keep your fingers from tripping over pcr-m50 keys during quick glissandi.

Was this review helpful? Call us at Thanks a lot for the publication. It couldn’t be worse; pcr-m50 time there were even more failing keys than the first time I tried to fix pcr-m50, so it was either attempting this or starting a search for spares.

Edirol Pcr-M50 Keyboard

Flexible, portable MIDI control with great action. Those contacts are right below the circles which the key pcr-m50 when you press pcr-m50 key.

It seems that once their mark is pcr-m50 there a round, pcr-m50 impression of the black piecesno matter how strong a key is pressed –it won’t be reported as a key press. Had the same key problem i try pcrm50 solution and it worked better then i had before.


I first erased the contacts for Pcr-m50, which had stopped working six months ago, and was really bugging me: But unfortunately I just found pcr-m50 about it when the warranty had pcr-m50 as it always happens. But hey, why not?

Lo de los contactos pcr-m50 con muchos modelos de teclados. Seeing this pcr-m50 has re-kindled my interest in getting it going again!

Rub firmly until contacts are clean. Then gently remove all traces pcr-m50 pcr-j50 with a dry cotton bud. I cleaned the gold contacts with Servisol contact pcr-m50 on a cotton bud.