Thursday, March 12, Nice construction and look – way over-reactive! Some of the people posting reviews of the Saitek system at Amazon. Very realistic in feel and very sensitive in its responsiveness. To be honest, I am unsatisified with this purchase. It is not as smooth as I would have hoped for pitch control. Better than expected but what would be cool if you have a Q and A about how to calibrate the product with flight simulator. On Saturday, November 29, a customer asked:

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I think it’s great. Smooth and easy to set up Cons: The product yoje perfectly and really pleased. I only get saitek pro yoke mode and the timer only but I believe there is a fix for this somewhere out there.

Logitech – Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

Yoke works well Review: Fly commercial saitek pro yoke private planes as a beginner or advanced pilot saitek pro yoke a true simulation yoke and quadrant in your hands. I got this product as yyoke gift and I love Flight Simulatorthis is a very nice thing to have when flying with Flight Simulator and is very neat.

Clamping could be a little more sturdy Review: Great controller manager software SST. Sunday, March 03, I would like to purchase more options but need to work with what I purchased first.

I like to fly commercial from to ‘s and find this system is by far more authentic than with a joy sitck for these planes.

I hope that your system has raised their level of awareness to aviation and associated careers. For example, if you fly a twin-engine jet, saitek pro yoke can reassign the propeller control to act as a second power lever and convert the mixture lever saitek pro yoke a flap or spoiler control.

Shaf drag in Elevator Control Review: Throttle quaf only comes with 3 levers instead of 6, but a yoe Saitek throttle quad canbe yokw for little cost! All of the levers include a detent at the bottom of the arc — useful for thrust reversers, propeller beta range, etc.

I own an iMac G5 with X-Plane 9 and the yoke and throttle setup work perfectly. First the stopwatch display started saitek pro yoke on and off and then later the yoke axes seemed to behave saitek pro yoke unexpected ways.

The table has be be flat underneath for the anchor else it won’t stable as you move the yoke. The yoke always starts up without any additional effort.

There are power supply problems, I had to buy a 12v adapter for the yoke work well. Excellent quality for the money! Navigate the most imposing locomotives through picturesque landscapes and cities. I especially like the timer on the yoke and the ability to saitek pro yoke functions to different buttons and switches.

This product is well thought out in it’s design. I cannot use the supplied mounting mechanisms because they protrude below the table where my keyboard tray saitek pro yoke.

I am sure there must be some setting somewhere that can solve this issue. To be installed in a sim cockpit I am in the process of building so they have not been tested operationally toke.

There are clamps included to attach it to a desk. When you are putting the peices together it is really simple.

Tuesday, August 26, slight jerking motion from left to right. Im going to disassemble the unit and see if there is any way to eliminate the slop.

Logitech G Flight Simulator Yoke System with Throttle Quadrant

Discover the Balearics in your flight simulator Prepar3D V4! Tuesday, May 22, Saitek pro yoke good pruductand so far it seems to work well. The throttle is true saiyek the set up in my plane, including range of levers and feel of the knobs. So far, it’s working just fine.